Thursday, 13.15-13.45

How to buy M&E software and not get bamboozled! Josh Mandel, DevResults.
There’s no way to guarantee M&E software will work for your team, but there are some very simple things you can do during procurement and add to your contracts that protect your team and position you for optimal user experience. How do you ensure your system will work as promised? How do you establish clear roles and expectations between you and your technology partner? How do you hold your technology partner accountable for poor user experience? How do you avoid burning money on unused software? In this lightning talk, Josh Mandell will share the best practices that DevResults has learned over the years (the hard way) and make clear recommendations for teams buying software from any software vendor.

Session Speaker:

Josh Mandel, Director of Strategy and Business Developent, DevResults. Learn more about Josh here, on Twitter @joshuajmandell and at DevResults.