Thursday 13.45-14.45

Is there one system to rule them all? Why PCI is not pursuing one global solution to project results reporting system. Jason Rubin, Project Concern International
Through trial and error, PCI has learned that a one-size-fits-all technology solution is the wrong approach. PCI now focuses on 1) The ecosystem and various options; 2) Building local capacity to engage with vendors and successfully use technology; and 3) Providing supportive oversight. The session will present PCI’s global approach to data technologies. A hands-on activity to help participants think through their own needs and stimulate discussion on possible solutions will follow. 

Session Level:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Session Details:

Many organizations are looking for a technological solution to their project data management needs to do effective and efficient results reporting. Often times this leads to seeking out enterprise-wide solutions and deploying them to all of their diverse projects. PCI has similarly been looking for a solution that fits the needs of all of our projects and through trial and error have learned that we are going down the wrong path. Instead, PCI is taking a different approach by explicitly stating that there is no one size fits all solution that will meet the needs of our diverse portfolio of projects. PCI’s approach focuses on 1) Understanding the ecosystem of data management technologies and developing a menu of options based on specific project needs, 2) Building capacity of country and partner staff to engage with technology vendors and successfully use technology, and 3) Provide strong and participatory oversight from headquarters. This session will start with the mistakes that PCI has made in the past and a description of PCI’s global approach to project data management technologies. There will be a hands-on group activity to help participants think through their own data management technology needs and to stimulate feedback and discussion on what might be an appropriate solution for their organization.

Session Leads:

Jason Rubin, Technical Advisor for MLE and Certified Salesforce Administrator, Project Concern International. Jason has been working in M&E for international development since 2007 across a variety of technical areas including democracy and governance, capacity building, economic development, and climate change adaptation. He got his first taste of MERL Tech as a consultant working to convert an MS Access database into a web-hosted MIS for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, and has since worked on data management solutions for a variety of projects on a variety of platforms. Mr. Rubin is platform agnostic, but is a certified Salesforce administrator and has built everything from donor databases to summer camp registration systems for non profit organizations in the San Diego area. He is currently based in San Diego as a technical advisor for MLE at PCI. He has an undergraduate degree from UCLA and a MA in International Development Studies from the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. More on Jason here and at Project Concern International.