MERL Tech Jozi

August 1-2, 2018

MERL Tech Jozi will be two days of in-depth sharing and exploration with 100 of your peers.

We’ll look at what’s been happening across the multi-disciplinary MERL field – what we’ve been learning and the complex barriers that still need resolving. We’ll also generate lively debates around the possibilities and the challenges that our field needs to address as we move ahead.

We will be offering priority tickets to our presenters and session leads. If your session is selected, we’ll give you a code to unlock a ticket so that you can register. (What better reason to submit a session idea?)

Submit your session idea now!

Once presenter and session leads have registered, we will open up any remaining tickets to the wider public.

General ticket sales will open up in early May 2018, and a ticket for the two-day conference will cost $200 (2.400 ZAR).