Friday, 9.30-10.00

Researching teens in one of America’s most violent cities. Laura Scanlon, Girl Effect
In this talk we’ll show how girls from highly marginalised backgrounds, using breakthrough research technology, shed light on one of America’s most violent and forgotten places – Saginaw, Michigan. In 2012, the city was called the most dangerous place in America to be a woman and FBI statistics revealed at violent crime rate of 3.5 times the national average. We worked with 17 girls who, over a 3-month period, researched their own communities, interviewing other girls like them, along with family and community members, to uncover the story behind the statistics. In the process, we learned how shared identity contributes to authentic, accurate research findings and the role that mobile technology can play.

Session Speaker:

Laura ScanlonDirector of TEGA, Girl Effect. Find out more about Laura here and at Girl Effect.