Thursday 13.45-14.45 (Vista)

One system to rule them all? – Balancing organization wide data standards and project data needs. Jason Rubin, Project Concern International (PCI); Mike Klein, International Solutions Group (ISG) and Kate Mueller, DevResults
Most organizations have to strike a balance between a single, monolithic set of organization-wide enterprise tools and project-specific one-off tools. This session will present real-world lessons learned from three perspectives–implementer, consulting firm, and tool provider–to generate a list of best practices to help your organization select a solid information system toolkit.

Session Level:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Session Resources:

Jason Rubin, PCI, presentation

Mike Klein, ISG, presentation

Kate Mueller, DevResults, presentation

Session Details:

Is your organization considering how to manage project results data from a diverse set of projects across your organization? Many organizations have tension between the need for enterprise data management solutions that can be used across your entire organization and solutions that meet the needs of specific projects.

Headquarters IT and M&E departments naturally want to invest in systems that can solve problems at scale, standardize technologies and results across a range of projects, and save the organization precious resources. Meanwhile, projects want tools that are as tailored as possible to ensure an appropriate fit for the context on the ground. Ultimately, every organization has to strike some kind of balance between these options–but how?

In this session, Project Concern International (PCI), International Solutions Group (ISG), and DevResults will share their experiences and solicit feedback from the group to collate a set of shareable best practices, which will be distributed afterwards..

Session Leads:

Jason Rubin, Technical Advisor for MLE and Certified Salesforce Administrator, Project Concern International. Jason has been working in M&E for international development since 2007 across a variety of technical areas including democracy and governance, capacity building, economic development, and climate change adaptation. He got his first taste of MERL Tech as a consultant working to convert an MS Access database into a web-hosted MIS for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, and has since worked on data management solutions for a variety of projects on a variety of platforms. Mr. Rubin is platform agnostic, but is a certified Salesforce administrator and has built everything from donor databases to summer camp registration systems for non profit organizations in the San Diego area. He is currently based in San Diego as a technical advisor for MLE at PCI. He has an undergraduate degree from UCLA and a MA in International Development Studies from the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. More on Jason here and at Project Concern International.

Mike Klein, is a Director for International Solutions Group (ISG), a company that works with governments, U.N. agencies, NGOs and other companies to improve the implementation of humanitarian aid and development programming. In his role as a director of ISG, Klein works with a wide array of partners on programs that address ISG’s core mission of improving performance in the humanitarian aid and development space. Klein has led teams that have delivered programming in the more than 40 countries in which ISG operates. Recent engagements led by Michael include: Program and organizational evaluations; Organizational adoption of ICT-based M&E systems; Mobile data collection via online forms, SMS, IVR, and other tools; Project monitoring and indicator developed; and M&E system design and strategy development. Learn more about Mike here and at International Solutions Group.

Kate Mueller is the Director of Product Development, DevResults.
Kate has served as a Senior Data Scientist and Director of Product Development at DevResults, where she trains and supports clients doing M&E and continues developing tools that make M&E practitioners’ lives easier. Before joining DevResults, she was a VP of database architecture at a large financial services firm where she evaluated database technologies to determine ideal use case fit and support methodology. She has an MS in Information Management with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Data Science from Syracuse University, where she focused on database design/analysis and information system change management best practicesDirector of Product Development, DevResults. Learn more about Kate here and at DevResults.