New technologies are opening great possibilities for improved monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL). From on­going feedback and crowd­sourced input to more structured digital data collection and visualization, to remote data gathering in conflict settings, to the ability to manipulate gigantic data sets and incorporate real­ time data into adaptive management of development processes, the field is changing quickly.

At the same time, pressure to better understand the value, impact and risks of digital technology in MERL is growing and organisations need to determine which approaches and tools are worth considering in their MERL work.

The use of new tools for MERL can seem daunting or distracting to those working in low resource settings or large traditional bureaucracies, especially if there is little experience to draw from or low capacity with these new tools and approaches. It can be difficult to know which of these tools and approaches genuinely contribute to MERL and which are simply flashy new products and innovations being pitched by vendors.

At MERL Tech, 90 thought leaders and practitioners in the MERL Tech community will gather for two days of deep thinking and practical learning. We’ll unpack critical issues in today’s MERL space and spend time thinking about the future of MERL and the ways it is intertwined with the future of development itself.

MERL Tech London
February 20-21, 2017
St Bride Foundation
Bride Lane, Fleet St
London EC4Y 8EQ

MERL Tech is dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive, welcoming and harassment-free experience for all participants.