Monday 16.30-18.00 Reception and Marketplace

Welcome from Nissa Ramsay, Comic Relief
Grab a drink and mingle with new and old friends while visiting MERL Tech demo tables and checking out posters.

Demo tables:

Mobenzi provides technology and professional services to organisations involved in research, data collection, logistics and community service delivery. Talk with Andi Friedman and Maryanne Smith.

Synergy International Systems, Inc. (“Synergy”) is a global software company that empowers organizations to become more data-driven in achieving their impact. Talk with Arshak Hovanesian.

Survey CTO is a product of Dobility, Inc., dedicated to promoting more and better research and analysis in the world by providing affordable, reliable, and professionally-supported technology that anyone can use. Talk with Christopher Robert.


Voltaic Systems is a portable power company based in Brooklyn, New York. A drained phone in the middle of Spain led our founder to design the first solar backpack. Since then, the number and types of electronic devices we use has multiplied and our relationship with them have become more intense. No matter where you or your devices are in the world, our goal is to keep them charged. Contact Jeff Crystal.

Energypedia is a wiki-based platform for collaborative knowledge exchange on renewable energy and energy efficiency topics in developing countries. Energypedia is working towards removing the knowledge barriers and expanding the diffusion of information addressing the topics renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable energy access for all. Talk with Robert Heine.

Development Gateway’s mission is to empower practitioners, governments, and citizens with the knowledge they need to improve lives. We co-create information solutions and cultivate skills to turn information into lasting results. Talk with Sarah Orton.

OneWorld is an international NGO, founded in 1995, with a mission to innovate internet and mobile phone applications that the world’s poorest people can use to improve their life chances, and that help people everywhere understand and act on global problems. Talk with Jeffrey Allen.