Monday 14.30-16.30 (Passmore Edwards Room)

What have we learnt about MIS and dashboards and the people using them? Emma Stewart and Petri Autio, Water Aid; Marten Schoonman,  Akvo
Sometimes data is used for decision making, … often it is not. Akvo will share insights on factors which influence the use of data, and some initiatives to support partners in making data more useful. WaterAid will provide two examples of how they have recently developed their internal systems to ensure that data collected can be analysed, shared and ultimately used to inform decision making and improve future programme quality and impact.

Session Details:

The quick and clean collection of lots of data has become relatively easy with a variety of ICT tools. Ideally, the collected data is analysed, transformed into understandable findings, and used to guide decision-making, which in turn contributes to improvements in living conditions of people who need it. In reality several inhibiting factors exist. Akvo supports governments and development organisations in over 60 countries in collecting and understanding data, with its open source tool Akvo Flow. In some cases data is used for decision making, in others it is not. In the first part of this session, Akvo will offer insights about which factors influence the use of data for development and share experiences with supporting partners in making data more useful.

WaterAid will give an overview of their recent journey in rolling out a new management information system, ensuring it supported revised processes and requirements in planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting. The presentation will describe some key decisions that were made along the way to ensure the system is user-friendly and collects the right data which can be easily used to make decisions and inform future programming.

Following this, there will be an overview of WaterAid’s latest developments in data visualisation and use through dashboards: providing different examples of how technology enables programmatic data to be put to use straight away and be targeted and shared appropriately with different audiences.

After these three short presentations of experiences in Akvo and WaterAid, a discussion in small groups will be facilitated to explore how data can be used and shared, and what can be done to bridge the gap between data collection and use, for bigger impact.

Session Leads:

Anita van der Laan, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) Specialist at Akvo in Amsterdam. She coordinates the development of Akvo’s PMEL support services to partners. She has twenty years experience in development cooperation in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and has worked on PMEL since 2004. She joined Akvo in February 2016. More about Anita here.

Petri Autio, Systems Advisor for Planning, Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation at WaterAid has worked with NGO data since 2013. He has led the configuration and deployment of WaterAid’s new global MIS and worked on the development and deployment of mobile data collection and analysis technologies across WaterAid. More about Petri here.

Emma Stewart, Programmes Data and Systems Officer at WaterAid UK, supports WaterAid’s country programmes with their project monitoring and data analysis, primarily supporting the large scale post implementation monitoring surveys using mobile data collection. She has worked for a number of NGOs over the past five years in a range of project management and analytical roles.  More about Emma here.


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