Thursday, 9.00-9.30 (Academy Hall)

Navigating the changing data landscape – the South African experience. Jerusha Govender, Data Innovator and South African M&E Association.
The digital revolution has set in motion the ‘big  bang’ of data produced by human digital interactions and growing platforms of data generation. But, navigating this changing data landscape requires development professionals to be more aware of its potential, its sources, and uses. Even more so it requires that we scale practical application in development sectors, shift the status quo in data use, and build the future data leaders. In this key note Jerusha will present the changing data landscape of South Africa. She will also elucidate South Africa’s successes and challenges, which can be mirrored across many developing countries.

Jerusha’s slides:

Key Note – Navigating the changing data landscape in South Africa

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Beginner, Intermediate

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Jerusha Govender, Founder & Managing Director, Data Innovator. Jerusha Govender is an entrepreneur, and M&E specialist. She is a thought leader in the data analytics and M&E field in South Africa. She is on the South African National M&E Association Board, and served on the board of Pledger-Africa. Jerusha has been featured in the South African Entrepreneur Magazine, Destiny and Destiny Man Magazines as a growing entrepreneur in the data for development space. Jerusha has worked within Research, M&E units playing a central role in creating systems for data gathering, information management and knowledge sharing for national, regional and international organisations. Jerusha is the founder and Managing Director of Data Innovator. The start-up consultancy based in South Africa, aims to help organisations tell their story with creative approaches to M&E and data analytics. More about her here, on Twitter @jnsoomar or @datainnovator and at Data Innovator.