Friday, 14.00-15.00 (Balcony C)

Small data for big decision-making. Brianna Losoya Evora, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE); Kate Diaz, TechnoServe; Alan Guedes, Vera Solutions
Big data has the development sector abuzz. Algorithms can now uncover hidden patterns in beneficiary behavior, predict when a person is at risk of disease, and tell us where on the globe slavery is most likely to occur. Given that the Big Data Revolution is upon us, it’s tough not to ask the obvious question…is small data still relevant? 

Session Level:

Beginner, Intermediate

Session Details:

Representatives from the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, TechnoServe, and Vera Solutions will showcase how technology is enabling organizations — across the development spectrum — to collect and leverage real-time, actionable data to streamline operations, create feedback loops, and amplify their impact.

Following the session welcome and introductions, we’ll investigate what ‘small data for big decision-making’ means to organizations operating across the development spectrum, including the ANDE and TechnoServe. Vera Solutions will discuss how indicator management tools are feeding into global monitoring systems around the world. The panel will then re-open the conversation to the audience for Q&A.

In this session, attendees will explore strategies and tools that will enable their organizations to collect, disseminate, and learn from program monitoring data with greater ease and efficiency. The panelists will share their experiences with tool selection and identify guiding questions designed to help participants navigate the tech for MERL marketplace.

Session Leads:

Alan Guedes, Senior Consultant, Vera Solutions. Alan is a Senior Consultant with Vera Solutions, based in Boston. His professional mission is to improve people’s well-being, and he has been working with grassroots and international development organizations since 2001. Alan grew up in Brazil, and has lived in Colombia, Morocco, the USA, and the Netherlands. Prior to Vera, Alan managed Women Win’s M&E system and became passionate about using technology to measure social and environmental change. He holds an MSc in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a BA in Administration from the University of São Paulo. Alan is a native Portuguese speaker, fluent in English and Spanish, and is conversational in French and Dutch. More on Alan here, on Twitter@VeraSolutions, at Vera Solutions and on its blog.

Kate Scaife Diaz, Director of Impact Measurement, TechnoServe. Kate is Director of Impact Measurement at Technoserve, where she has also held the positions of Regional M&E Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Senior Manager of Corporate Measurement. She holds a BA in anthropology from the University of Chicago and a MALD from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. Kate is an avid experimenter with technology in the workplace, but prefers low/no tech when off the clock. More on Kate here, on Twitter @TechnoServe, at TechnoServe and on its blog.

Brianna Losoya-Evora, Impact Assessment Analyst, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE). Brianna joined ANDE as an Impact Analyst in 2016. She is part of the Research and Impact team and supports ANDE members in measuring the social, economic, and environmental impact of small and growing businesses. Prior to ANDE, Brianna worked in Senegal with the UN World Food Programme as a Reports Officer, and with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences as a Program Officer. She also conducted research on neighborhood indicators and affordable housing for the Urban Institute’s Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center in Washington, D.C. Brianna has a B.A. in Economics and French from Claremont McKenna College. More on Brianna here, on Twitter@AspenANDE or at ANDE.