Friday, 14.00-15.00 (Balcony D)

The human touch: Acting on survey metadata for oversight and quality control. Rebecca Chapman, Equal Access.
So your tech works, but do your surveyors? Cloud-based survey management is a powerfully convenient tool in our ICT4D toolbox, but with that power comes a responsibility to ensure that data is accurate, high-quality, and in line with survey methodology and randomization protocols. Learn tips and tricks to make your metadata work for you to track survey progress, as well as strategies for data validation and to address data quality quibbles as they arise.

Session Level:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Through the in-house design and implementation of several multi-country mobile surveys in the Sahel, Equal Access has learned (sometimes the hard way) that the data we collect is only as good as our surveyors. This session will examine the mobile surveying process chronologically, from question creation, to preparation and build-out of survey instruments, enumerator identification and training, and finally, survey implementation itself. At every step of the way, we will provide an overview of techniques and tools that can be used to identify and react to data falsification and/or incorrect survey protocol, with the ultimate goal of ensuring data quality and confidence. The interactive presentation will feature a live demonstration of survey metadata analysis using Dimagi’s CommCare surveying tool, and will end with an open discussion in which other participants with survey oversight experience will be invited to contribute their own strategies and share stories of their own data quality challenges.

Session Leads:

Rebecca Chapman, Program Manager, Equal Access. Rebecca is a global development project manager with expertise in the design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of innovative media and ICT solutions to challenges in the Global South. In her current position at Equal Access International, she supports the use of media to empower communities in West and Central Africa to affect sustainable change in peace-building, women’s rights, and youth livelihoods. In particular, Rebecca has managed the implementation of several of Equal Access’ ICT-powered evaluation initiatives and RCTs, and loves to “geek out” about data analysis. Learn more about Rebecca here and at Equal Access.