Friday, 9.30-10.00

Using SMS to remind pregnant women of antenatal appointments in Guinea. Rajeev Colaco, RTI
We will present our findings from the USAID/Guinea StopPalu project pilot study that tested the use of short message service (SMS) using FrontlineSMS as an alerting system to remind patients of upcoming antenatal care (ANC) appointments. We will also present our preliminary findings from a formative evaluation that aims to determine if pregnant women who receive SMS reminders are more likely to attend follow-up ANC appointments than those who do not receive them.

Session Speaker:

Dr. Rajeev Colaço, Senior Manager in Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning, & Adapting (MERLA) in the International Development Group’s Global Health Division (GHD), RTI International. In this capacity, Rajeev oversees GHD’s monitoring & evaluation (M&E), applied research, and learning activities that promote RTI’s core goal of translating knowledge into practice. The technical areas in which Dr. Colaço conducts programmatic and MERLA activities include maternal and child health, infectious diseases (including malaria and neglected tropical diseases), family planning, gender, HIV prevention, integrated health systems, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). His 18 years of research includes examining links between gender inequality and risky sexual practices; evaluating the impact of HIV, family planning, and integrated service programs; and developing research and development (R&D) tools for planning and costing of malaria control and HIV prevention programs. Learn more about Rajeev here or at RTI International.