Thursday, 10.45-12.15 (Balcony C)

What do data-driven approaches look like in practice? Nathan Barthel, Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
During this facilitated workshop, participants will explore the concept of ‘being data driven’. Using the participants own experiences, we will identify some common challenges to successfully using data to drive decision-making and begin to develop some potential solutions. Participants will walk away with tangible strategies for overcoming their barriers to ‘being data driven.

Session Level:

Beginner, intermediate.

Session Details:

Principle 5 of the Principles for Digital Development is ‘Being Data Driven.’ While most of us are probably comfortable with the meaning of this phrase, and to one degree or another have used data to inform decision making, in international development this remains a challenge. Generally speaking, we’ve become relatively good at collecting data, but not using it. Why?

In groups, participants will use their professional experiences to explore the barriers to being data driven. A framework and structured exercises will be provided to help guide the discussion. Participants will work together to identify barriers and develop an action plan for addressing these barriers.

In the final portion of the session, participants will share their findings with the wider group. The underlying theme of this session will be ‘practical.’

Participants should leave with a tangible real-world understanding of the components of data driven development and strategies to overcome associated barriers.

Session Lead:

Nathan Barthel joined CRS in 2013 and leads ICT4D Project Services which acts as an internal professional services team helping CRS projects around the globe leverage technology to improve programming.  He is also currently responsible for the technical oversight of CRS’s largest ICT4D effort supporting the 2017 Nigeria LLIN Mass Campaign. Prior to joining CRS Nate worked as IT project manager at the Kaizen Company, a DC based USAID contractor with extensive work in the Middle East.  He also worked at Grantium Inc. as Implementation Manager and MITRE Inc. as Communications Engineer.  Nate holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Bucknell University and a master’s degree in foreign service (International Affairs) from Georgetown University.  Nate lives in Silver Spring, MD with his wife and two children.