Friday, 17.00-17.30

Something old, something new…. Maliha Khan, Independent Consultant. We’ll wrap up the conference with a quick exercise to think about what we’re leaving behind and what we’re taking away.

Session details

Participants will have hand-outs at their tables.

  • Something old (that you think you should give up or stop doing / or that you’ve seen has a new purpose or new application)
  • Something new (that you learned)
  • Something borrowed from another person or sector
  • Something you’ll do when you get back to your day job

We’ll have some volunteers share their thoughts in plenary.

Before you leave, take one of the white stickers on the table and pick one of your answers to write on it. Wear this to the reception as a conversation starter.

Maliha Khan, Independent. MERL Tech London Organising Team and Selection Committee. Maliha is a development practitioner in the fields of monitoring and evaluation and learning and accountability and has led in these functions for CARE USA and Oxfam America. She has been responsible for leading internal teams that provide technical support, maintain standards, lead innovation and provide thought leadership in the organizations. She has provided strategic support in these areas to Nike Foundation/Girl Hub and is currently playing that role for Rockefeller Foundation where she is leading the M&E and measurement work for their resilience portfolio. Prior to joining CARE, Dr. Khan was an associate professor of Sustainable Development at World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute where she taught development professionals program design, monitoring and evaluation amongst other things. She has worked as a consultant for a variety of iNGOs, Foundations, bilateral, multilateral and government organizations. Maliha is from Pakistan, where she started her career implementing development projects. See Maliha’s full bio here and follow her on Twitter at @malihkhan.