Friday, 10.30-11.30 (Balcony E)

Qualitative coding: From low-tech to high-tech options. Charles Guedenet, and Anne Laesecke, IREX;  Danielle de Garcia, Social Impact
This session will offer an introduction to the qualitative coding process followed by hands-on practice using excel and Dedoose for coding and analyzing text. Many projects collect qualitative data such as interview responses and focus group discussion transcripts but then struggle to make sense of the data. Excel spreadsheet templates, a low-tech option, are helpful in sorting and analyzing small data sets while Dedoose, an online too, is particularly useful for collaborative projects and larger data sets. 

Session Level:

Beginner, Intermediate

Session Details:

The goals of the session will be to have participants come away with a good understanding of the qualitative coding process and the basic skills in how to do this using Excel or Dedoose, an online tool for content analysis. Many projects collect qualitative data – from interview responses and focus group discussion transcripts to site visit and observation notes – but then struggle to make sense of the data. The session will begin with a short introduction on several important steps in the coding process such as sampling text, developing codes, and testing for reliability. This will be followed by a demonstration of and then hands-on practice with using an excel spreadsheet template and the Dedoose software. Excel spreadsheet templates, the low-tech option, are helpful in facilitating the coding, sorting, and analysis process for small data sets. Dedoose, an online tool, is particularly useful for collaborative projects with large data sets, with features to help manage and visualize data.

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Session Leads:

Charles Guedenet, Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning Advisor, IREX. Charles Guedenet serves as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Advisor within IREX’s Center for Applied Learning and Impact where he is responsible for measuring IREX’s global impact and supporting organizational learning, accountability, and data informed decision-making. Charles provides capacity development support to staff, input on new business opportunities, technical assistance to projects, and leadership on strategic-level M&E initiatives. He has over a decade of experience in international development, including three years in West Africa, field research experience in Tanzania, and short-term work in Zimbabwe as Technical Advisor to a civil society strengthening program. Charles received his master’s degree in international development studies from the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University and his bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College, OH in international studies. He is fluent in French. More on him here and at IREX.

Danielle (Dani) de García is a Director of Performance Evaluation, Innovation, and Learning with Social Impact, where she oversees a portfolio of monitoring, evaluation, and learning contracts. Dani’s recent work includes leading and participating in a number of evaluations and strategic planning engagements for USAID, Carter Center, MasterCard Foundation, MCC, US Department of State, and MacArthur Foundation initiatives around the world. Throughout her career, Dani has provided performance management and organizational development assistance to the World Bank, CATHALAC, and international NGOs; and has worked in more than 25 countries. A lover of social network analysis, participatory methods, and technology, she also has developed and delivered trainings to thousands of governmental, multilateral, and NGO staff around the globe.  See Dani’s full bio here.

Anne Laesecke, M&E Officer, IREX. Anne is the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Since joining IREX in 2014, she has supported several projects in IREX’s Center for Collaborative Technology, including the Advancing MOOCs for Development Initiative (AMDI) and IREX’s Global Libraries and Ukraine portfolios. Prior to coming to IREX, Anne worked at World Learning supporting the creation of organizational performance metrics. She also spent six months in Nepal researching child labor and human trafficking and lived in Ukraine where she taught English through the US Peace Corps. Anne has an MA in International Education from the George Washington University and a BA in Linguistics and French from the University of Colorado. Find out more about her here or at IREX.

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You can sign-up for one free month with Dedoose, no payment information required, here: Sign-up in advance of the session to to be ready to participate in the hands-on practice.